Thursday, April 29, 2010

Facebook’s No. 1 fans

Most of my Facebook “friends” are in south Louisiana. That’s because I’m from, and have returned to, south Louisiana.

So it makes sense that, when I queried my online rolodex of Facebook friends about their Facebook loyalties (in other words, what companies are they “fans” of?), retail food service was the overwhelmingly favorite category.

Southerners do love their food.

My friend Sherrie is a fan of Bud’s Broiler, Waffle House, Café Du Monde, House of Blues, and Outback Steak House.


“I get updates on new menu items, special hours and special menu items,” she posted. “For example, House of Blues had all-you-can-eat crawfish for $15, only available to Facebook Fans!”

James is a fan of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Donna likes Anthony's Italian Deli. “A mom-and-pop place where they not only remember your name, but remember what you like to order,” she posted.

And Don is a fan of Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis, Mo. “An eclectic shanty that serves as close to really good Creole and Cajun food as you can get in this area … after my kitchen, of course! Oh, and they serve Dixie beer!”

Not everyone restricted their accolades to restaurants, however. Deena is a fan of Ann Taylor, Coach, Gap and Banana Republic because “they are my faves,” she posted. “I can’t say they offer me anything different promo- or advantage-wise than I receive via e-mail.”

And my friend Tinker is a fan of Anthropologie, saying “it’s a great store with great clothes and great stuff for the home.”

Want to check out some of the Facebook pages preferred by my friends? Here are a few of the more unique ones:

Bud’s Broiler

Anthony’s Italian Deli

Broadway Oyster Bar

-- Katherine Field

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