Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mobile Marketing Goes Way Local

I passed an outdoor fruit vendor the other day with an unusual chalkboard sign next to his produce. “Download a Mobile Coupon for a Free Apple,” it read, and offered a Web address for the download.

Although there has been much mobile media buzz within the past few weeks—specifically over the iPhone—I couldn’t believe mobile-marketing found it’s way to a random fruit stand in Manhattan.
When I told my friend about it, she said, “I hope you didn’t do it.” I could tell she thought it was a bizarre scam. Plus, was going through the hassle of downloading a coupon to save 25¢ on an apple really worth it?

So no, I didn’t do it. But I am fascinated that a mobile-coupon offer for an apple was even an option. If anything, it’s evident that we’re moving closer (with caution) to m-marketing and m-commerce. It’s coming soon—and maybe to a local fruit stand near you, too.

— Samantha Murphy

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