Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sex or The Cell Phone?

Who would choose answering a cell phone over sex? Try 20% of hot-blooded young adults (ages 12-34), who admitted they would stop “making out” to answer their cell phones.

That was just one of the riveting statistics I learned during a conversation with Roman Tsunder, CEO, and Lon Otremba, president, of ACCESS 360 Media. Additionally, they said recent surveys of young adults also indicated:

- 78% have their cell phones on at least 16 hours a day;

- 80% sleep with their phones;

- 40% would return home to get a forgotten phone, but not a forgotten wallet;

- Almost 50% said the cell phone a person has says as much about that person as the car he or she drives.

Certainly makes the argument for mobile marketing and text messaging a no-brainer for retailers wanting to reach this demographic. With a daughter in high school and a son in college, I routinely witness at least four of those statistics … but that first one is still hard to believe.

However, the point of ACCESS 360 Media is to catch teens in opportune moments, say when they are in store, and not in moments when they are otherwise preoccupied. ACCESS 360 is a media network that connects retailers with more than 30 million consumers, ages 12 to 34, via in-store, mobile and online communications.

— Connie Genry